What Do You See?

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CHARLOTTE – I’m going to introduce you to what is quite possibly, my favorite word.  It is a word that explains why we sometimes see different things in life.  It is a word that evokes thoughts of my favorite Dr. Wayne Dyer quote – “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

I am talking about, perspective.

Perspective in oversimplifyed terms is how you see things.  On the one hand, when you break it down, it is the reason behind every disagreement, argument, and most seriously, war.  However, it is also a word that allows you to be more understanding, to learn, and to enhance your life.

That last part, enhancing your life, is due to the fact that utilizing perspective and seeing things differently, allows you to look for more possibilities.  It allows you to turn what you may have once seen as a negative, into an opportunity.

For example, what happens you wake up an hour earlier than anticipated at the start of your day?  Most people get frustrated, irritated, and convince themselves that it’s an omen to a bad day ahead.  When you utilize perspective however, you can now see it as an opportunity, for example, to get in a workout, get your blood pumping, and have some great energy for the rest of your day.  You can get in a few chapters of your favorite book, or maybe, you can finally start writing your own.

Perspective…try out a different one today!

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