This Is Us

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CHARLOTTE – Do you recognize yourself in this picture?  While we all look different on the outside, this is what’s inside of us all.

Energy.  We are beings of energy, able to attract – or repel – the things we want most in life.

Can it really be that simple?” you may be asking.  My answer is, “It is and it isn’t.“.  Let me explain.

I am of the firm belief…and science is now backing this belief through numerous studies…that your thoughts and energy you send out (or vibrate at) has a direct correlation to what we experience.  Sounds crazy, right?  But it’s true and I’ll share my experiences as proof.

For my 7+ years as a business owner, the times I’ve been most successful in terms of people I’ve helped, number of clients, upcoming opportunities , and money I’ve earned, are the times when my energy level was highest.  My thoughts were optimistic, I shared positive emotions, and they were times where I knew that if I heard a “No”, a “Yes” was sure to follow.  Again, sounds crazy, right?

Conversely, when I look at times when business wasn’t so good. the opposite energy/emotions were in play.

The difference?  The energy that I sent out, that my body vibrated at, and the thoughts I would tell myself and speak aloud.  I meditate, visualize, and feed my mind great thoughts.  This can be a challenge, hence, the, is and it isn’t comment, however once you consistently send out the right energy, your life will change for the better!

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