The Mirror Doesn’t Lie – Creating Your Best Reflecton

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CHARLOTTE – I saw this post on a networking organization that that I belong to and it read, ‘What if we swapped a headshot of a famous person for our own.  Wouldn’t that be fun?’

I thought about it for a moment, trying to think about who I would choose then quickly realizing that whoever I chose could probably do all the things that I can but be more likely to draw a larger crowd, has more money than I’m sure he knows what to do with, and if I’m being honest, probably would be a lot better looking than me.

As I got depressed…HaHa…I realized something.  Whoever I chose, while successful in all the ways I mentioned and probably more, doesn’t have something that I do.  That is, those unique qualities that makes me who I am.  The ones that in moments of silence and reflection, help me to realize just how wildly successful I am now, and will ultimately become.

We all have those moments when we get down on ourselves but those are the times that we shouldn’t get upset.  Instead, we should engage them because when you think the right way, it becomes an opportunity to remind ourselves just how awesome we can be.

So the next time you see glance into the mirrow, make sure you realize the person looking back has all the tools necessary to be, do, and have, all you desire.  You are THAT powerful in looking to accomplish your life’s goals.

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