It All Begins Here

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CHARLOTTE – I am fortunate to be writing this column on motivation and inspiration so thought what better place to start, than where it all begins.

I’m referencing a place that brings to light your greatest fears and your most enlightened moments.  I’m talking about the place where you may express your deepest thoughts and your most exciting of fantasies.

Where is this mystical and magical place?  It is your mind.

Your mind is the single most powerful asset you can utilize in helping manifest your thoughts, dreams, and desires into becoming your reality.  The mindset you create is a stepping stone to the results you will achieve.

My favorite quote is by Henry Ford and he stated, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  So, am I saying that all you have to do is think it and it will be?  No.  And here is where I boldly state that Henry Ford is only half correct in this statement because I always believe in being “SMART”.

SMART is an acronym that is at the heart and soul of what I believe.  It stands for Success Means Acquiring Right Thoughts because like Henry Ford, I fully believe that with the right way of thinking…and then taking action (the other half)…you will, without exception, be able to create your reality.

What is the reality you wish to create?  This is the beautiful part; it all begins with your thoughts…so think positively…then take action!

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