Choose This, Not That

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CHARLOTTE – It is so easy to get taken down by the news.  Unfortunately, negative events are a staple of what we are exposed to on a daily basis.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

We can choose to learn about the positive things that are going on all around us.  Or better yet, we can choose to be the positive news.  I know it’s always good practice to stay on top of current events…and I do agree with that…but I’m reminded of a quote I heard about 6 months after 9/11 that really helped me.  It was during a time, that I was glued to the television or radio just to learn the latest, “Breaking News”.

That quote is, “Be informed but don’t be inundated.”  In other words, instead of tuning in constantly to all the negativity, choose to learn about what is being reported but then, make the rest of your day a time where you focus on the positive that is.  The positive that could be.  And then, do what you can to help spread that feeling, those emotions, and that empowering feeling that lets others know that there is still a lot of good that is going on.

Understand this. You, yes you, are that powerful.  You are that capable.  You are that bold.  And you are that one person who can be, do, and have, anything you desire.

When you believe this…and you should…you become limitless in what you can and will, accomplish in life!

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