When Running Hurts

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Most people have had the last two months to get out into nature. In my neighborhood, I’ve seen people walking, running, and getting out to exercise. It’s a beautiful thing!

I’ve returned to running with my daughter Jaime. She’s got the app called Couch to 5k and I’m helping support her. Well, the truth is, she’s supporting me. I’m also walking the other days with my buddy Becky. Between the two of them, and a mandatory day off each week, I’m hurting.

Today my heel was hurting, and my hips feel a little sore. The foot pain I think has something to do with a little plantar fasciitis and the fact that we’re not running on even ground. That’s where the hip issue comes in. (And yes, I’m self-diagnosing.) Since getting a massage has been a little difficult recently, I’ve tried some other self help things and I thought they might help you.

First, pace yourself. I’m slow. I’m the turtle. I’d rather go slow the entire time and finish than go fast and get worn out. Slow is okay.

Second, I’ve self massaged. You can do it with your hand, use a tennis ball (or better yet a lacrosse ball) or get your partner to help you out. The great thing about working on your hip is that if you’ll massage all around the glute area, and the front/back where your hip bends (think in the hip area where your quads and hamstrings meet the bony area) you should find relief. It might take doing this consistently, but you should find relief. The hip area can get really tight when you walk/run because of all the muscles in that area. Focus on massaging your glutes as well. That’s going to help loosen your lower back, and can give hip relief as well.

Third, look at your calves. Do they feel tight? Again, self-massage and get out that lacrosse ball.

Fourth, remember to rest. Don’t push yourself to exercise every day if you’re hurting. Walk instead of run. Google stretches for walkers/runners. Remember if you don’t find relief, talk with your massage therapist to get a care plan together and check with your doctor if pain persists.

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