What’s the problem?

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There is one question every brand should be asking themselves about their customers—what’s their problem?

Not to find or start a confrontation, but to literally discover what problems they are facing…and how what you offer can help solve them.

This is the most important information any business can use in their marketing. If you know what your customer’s pain points are, then you know how to talk to them and even what to say.

While knowing your customer’s pain points and problems will help is all of your marketing efforts, it is especially vital for social media marketing because it allows your content to cut through the noise.

When you know what your customer needs, then you know how to get their attention and on social media, that’s what you’re fighting for first and foremost.

It’s not that difficult to put out content that could be seen by many people, but it is hard to put out content that actually is seen by many people. In order to get more eyeballs on what you post, you need engagement. So the few people who do see your post initially need to actually stop for it and hopefully like, comment, or share it.

It is extremely difficult to catch your audience’s attention without knowing what problems they need solved and more importantly how you can assist in solving those problems.

How can you discover what their problems are? Asking is usually the best way.

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