Video is the Fireworks of Social Media

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Fireworks get everyone’s attention, even those not intending to see them.

They are loud, they’re flashy and they tend to delight almost everyone.

How can a brand or organization get that kind of reaction on social media?

The answer: with video.

Video has some seriously amazing effects on an audience. 85 percent of the US internet audience watches videos online.

Most internet users are accessing the internet and social media through a mobile device and video performs exceptionally well on mobile.

Those mobile viewers are much more likely to share a video with their own friends and followers than any other type of content.

Video doesn’t have to be fancy to get the job done. Video that is in the moment and in the first person can perform great. If you have the budget for a more polished, professional video for something like an announcement, special, or just for general information, it’s certainly worth the investment.

The next time you’re scrolling on your smartphone through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, pay attention to how many videos make you pause or stop and scroll back.

If you want to dazzle online, video is by far, the way to do it.

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