Using social media to come together

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Hurricane Florence struck fear in many hearts as she made her way towards the Carolinas.

Like many scary situations, she also brought out the best in us too.

Many hurricane preparation tips and resources were shared via social media.

Neighbors reached out to one another to offer help and those not in evacuation areas opened up their home to families and even for pets.

Many used social media to let friends and family know they were safe or moving to a safe place during the storm.

It’s easy to see how social media spreads negativity, and in face of something scary like a hurricane, it was encouraging to see it being used to reach out and help each other.

Social media is just a tool in our hands, we decide if it gets used for better or worse. During times of crisis, we are fortunate to have a tool like social media to aid in our efforts to face fearful situations together.

The good social media does is often so great, it outweighs the bad.

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