Struggling with back to school challenges?

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Charlotte, NC – With most children attending school remotely to start this school year, there’s bound to be some frustrations.

I have two children starting school remotely myself, but our household has a few things in our favor, one they are both in high school, and two, we are all pretty tech-savvy.

Most of the remote learning frustrations are a result of using technology to communicate exclusively. Not only are there always hiccups and technical difficulties, especially as you get started working this way, but many aren’t used to working remotely.

It’s not only kids who are confused, but parents and teachers as well.

New ways of doing things are always hard. At one time putting kids in a classroom to learn was hard to adjust to, and inevitably someone, somewhere was opposed to it, that’s just human nature.

What can you do? Be patient. There is literally nothing else that will help this situation more. Everything will work out and it won’t be long before we aren’t even sure what we were struggling so much with.

Some people in the tech industry who are much smarter than me have been talking and writing about the sudden surge in remote work and what they refer to as the productivity J-curve.

Simplified it means that adopting new technology and new processes will cause an immediate and sharp drop in productivity, but it will eventually begin increasing and then far surpass the starting point, like the letter J.

We’re clearly in the sharp drop off stage, but be patient, this too shall pass.

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