Stealing vs Sharing 

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There’s some amazing stuff on the internet.

From recipes, to gorgeous photos to those hilarious memes, oh the memes. There’s just so many. It’s natural to want to share something we find value in with the people we know.

But should you? Or rather, what’s the difference between sharing something and stealing it?

Yes, there is a difference. Sharing gives credit, and on most social media, like Facebook, you have an option to share and all of your friends can see where the post originated from.

Stealing is when you take a screen shot, or download a photo and repost it. This happens the most on Instagram where there isn’t a native sharing option. There are some third party applications that allow you to give credit to the original poster, but ultimately you still download it and then repost it.

While this matters less for those with only personal social media accounts, it’s a matter of etiquette and manners really, for business accounts there are copyright laws to think of.

Technically if you post someone else’s content, such as a photo or graphic, they can request you pay them for it.

As in all things, sharing is caring, even on social media.

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