Social Media Is For Awareness, Not Consideration

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CHARLOTTE – Most social media marketing follows the inbound marketing methodology.

This means social media content is meant to draw customers in rather than reaching out to them (outbound marketing).

There are four stops along the inbound marketing path.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
  4. Repeat & Refer

Social media an excellent tool for the awareness step and even the repeat and refer step, where you keep your customers engaged with your brand so that they come back often and tell others about you.

Mostly though, social media should be focused on awareness.

This doesn’t just apply to marketing and business though, it applies to all causes and information. Social media is a great place to make all of your friends and family aware that you are in a serious relationship perhaps, but not such a great place to share all of the details about your new partner.

This is also true for heavier, more serious topics, like politics, healthcare, and anything else that involves dealing with information.

Consideration is rarely well-presented on social media because by its nature social media forces messages to be simplified and condensed. Even long-form posts are light on substance when compared with studies, books, or a good consultation.

Remember this as you see conversations happening about more serious subjects, especially those that commonly spark passionate debates. Social media is a great place to make others aware of a conversation, but it usually isn’t the best place to have a conversation.

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