Navigating Social Unrest on Social Media

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There is a lot going on in the world right now. Which means there’s a lot going on in your social media feeds too.

It’s a lot to process and take in.

Now is the time to get very intentional about people, causes, and even brands you are following. Always keep your mental health as your top priority on social media. It’s so easy to get swept away by sensationalism or guilted that you need to be doing more to advocate for the things you support.

If you feel inclined to voice your support of a given movement, social media is an excellent place to do that. It can even be a wise move for your brand or organization too. Remember, authenticity is king.

Be prepared for hard comments though. Give everyone a very gracious helping of assuming the best. Tensions are high, that will show up everywhere on social media, not just in threads about hot topics. If your brand gets nasty comments on a seemingly innocent post, try not to get caught up in a back and forth argument. If possible, hide the comment or even delete it. If you must respond, do so kindly and only once.

Don’t take comments personally, step back, and take a break before responding to anything you feel upset about. It’s hard, and these conversations are hard, but they are necessary and kindness is even more necessary now.

No one ever regrets being kind. Stay strong out there.

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