Mobile vs. Desktop

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CHARLOTTE – Do you prefer to use your desktop computer or your mobile device to access social media?

The answer is likely mobile, the vast majority of social media users, especially those who visit it daily do so on a mobile device.

That doesn’t mean everyone does though, and not all age groups are the same. It should come as no surprise that younger people generally prefer mobile devices almost exclusively while older groups have a higher number of people who prefer to use a desktop computer.

Even so, mobile is more common in just about every demographic.

What’s the difference?

Often screen size is a leading reason why some people prefer a desktop, but that’s not the only difference.

Each social media platform actually has a different infrastructure for mobile and desktop versions. So the mobile apps are optimized to be easier to use on mobile and now many social media platforms are designed for mobile-first and then adapted for desktop rather than the other way around.

Even so, especially with Facebook, there are many features that can only be accessed from a desktop computer, especially when it comes to various settings and some functionality. Anyone who manages a Facebook business page likely prefers to do so on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

Instagram however is the complete opposite with most settings and functionality only available on its mobile app, the same goes for TikTok and Snapchat (which is only available as a mobile app).

No matter what your preference, it’s just that, a preference, and remember if you’re struggling to find a setting, perhaps switch up which version of the platform you’re on and it might be easier to find.

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