How To Train Your Algorithm (Part 5)

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CHARLOTTE – This is part 5 in a several part series about social media algorithms

Keep scrolling.

The absolute easiest way and most common technique to train your algorithm is to simply keep scrolling. 

Do not stop to view content that does not interest you.

Even if you think it might interest you if you read the entire post…if it doesn’t, you’ve just messed up your algorithm a little bit and if that happens often, it will be completely skewed. 

Information overload is a real danger on social media. 

There’s so much to see and know and our brains can feel like we need to reach “the end” of the feed or catch all of the details. But we don’t, and it’s not possible. 

A great benefit of learning to keep scrolling is that you’re far less likely to get into a back and forth argument in the comments section. There’s nothing worse than that hangover-like feeling after engaging in exchange you regret the next day. 

You’ll also be happier if you keep scrolling too. 

There will always be things on the internet that we disagree with or don’t like, but we shouldn’t give those things the power to upset us and we certainly don’t want those things to have any power in our algorithms. 

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