How to create newsworthy content

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There is no guaranteed formula to creating great content that will delight your audience.

However, there are guiding principles that apply to all types of content across the board.

Start with your target audience, once you know who they are, then consider what they find valuable and create content that communicates that value to them.

One way to find and create valuable content it to use the pillars of newsworthiness.

1) Impact

How does something affect their life directly?

2) Timeliness

Jump in on a topic everyone is buzzing about right now, but likely won’t be tomorrow or next week.

3) Proximity

Anything that is unique to your area like the weather and local history.

4) Human Interest

We all love a good story about other humans.

5) Conflict

Arguments and fights capture attention, fast.

6) The Bizarre

If something happens all the time, it’s not news, but if it happens rarely, it likely is.

7) Celebrity

Name recognition is always newsworthy.

Most content that captures an audience’s attention falls into one of those categories. If you can create content that falls into those categories, you’ll succeed in delighting your audience.

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