How to Control your Social Media Feeds

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Charlotte, NC – We have all seen posts in our social media feeds that we wish we hadn’t.

Often we take the time to look at it and perhaps even comment because it bothers us, some of us even comment about wishing Facebook, etc. wouldn’t show us these kinds of posts.

There is a way to avoid posts you don’t want to see and there’s no special settings, no crazy trick, and definitely no copy and paste to make it happen.

It’s simple, yet difficult for most of us.


Keep scrolling.

To be very clear here: do. not. interact. with. posts. you. don’t. want. to. see. more. of.

There is one golden rule of social media: there is no such thing as “bad” engagement. A post could have 1 million negative comments and it will be rewarded with greater reach the same way it would be if it had 1 million positive comments.

Some social media platforms are working to solve this, but for now, it remains true.

Those political posts you wish would go away, don’t even slow down as you scroll past them, spend your time on social media focusing on the content you love and like. Be sure to interact with it by reacting to it, commenting, and sharing.

This is important not only so you won’t be annoyed, but also for your mental health. When we are constantly bombarded with negative messages or those we feel are negative, it affects our well being.

Remember, what you focus on grows.

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