Building community on and offline

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Community is one of the most powerful forces we have at our disposal, in my opinion.

A community can lift up individuals, groups or ideas—it can take a seemingly impossible task for one person and make it possible through collaboration.

Where you find strong people, you find strong communities.

Community has the same function online, and through the rise of local groups like on Facebook, we are seeing how a community can grow and interact both in the real world and on social media.

It’s a balance that’s still being sorted out, but it’s a dynamic that’s happening. We can see it right here in Mint Hill with the various local groups and pages.

The key is to remember the same community interacting on social media is the same one chatting around town, only the venue changes.

In some ways the different venue is helpful, more people can contribute to a discussion online. However, online discussions can feel impersonal and tones can be misinterpreted.

Online and offline communities are not separate though, they are all made up of the same people who have a common thread. Let’s keep those common threads in mind and use social media to strengthen our community both on and offline.

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