Be Responsible On Social Media

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CHARLOTTE – What does it mean to be responsible on social media?

Usually, we’re talking about businesses and brands or politicians when we talk about being responsible on social media. However, that responsibility goes further and reaches to every person who posts anything on a social media platform.

We all have an audience of people who follow our social media accounts, even if that’s just friends and family, it’s still an audience…your audience.

When anyone looks for advice about anything from a purchase to which doctor to visit, the number one factor that influences their decision is the opinion of those they care about; their friends, family, and even neighbors.

With that in mind, every single post you share is like a personal statement from you. Do you specifically endorse what you are sharing? If not, then think twice before publishing because that’s what it will look like to your audience.

This is how fake news continues to thrive on social media because people share it and what might have raised a red flag from a stranger has to be true because it’s coming from someone you love and trust.

That’s what the makers of fake news are counting on, they are exploiting the love and trust we have for one another to manipulate our feelings. Don’t fall for it. Double-check every post that makes some sort of claim. If you can’t verify it with a reputable news source, don’t share it. Better yet if the post or meme you’re sharing doesn’t give a reputable source, don’t share it.

We all have a responsibility for what we are posting and sharing, together we can stop fake news.

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