Are you posting too much?

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How often should you post on social media?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked and it’s almost impossible to answer because the answer is different for everyone.

Every brand should be posting at least a couple of times a week at minimum. Most brands can post daily, and some can post twice a day.

However, if you’re posting more than once a day, make sure you’re not over-posting. If you notice that you’re not getting a lot of reach on your post (not many people are seeing or liking it) then you’re likely posting too often.

Quality over quantity, always.

There was a time when posting often meant more people would see your posts, but not since algorithms became a part of our daily newsfeeds, now it’s all about engagement.

A brand is better off having one post per week that creates engagement and conversation than several a day that gets seen by just a few people.

Like with anything for social media it’s all about what works for your unique brand and audience, so always experiment and check your analytics to determine what works well for you.

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