What Tires Are Right For Me? A Guide for Tire Decision Making, Part I

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Often times when our customers come in for tires, we’ll get asked: “what tires should I go with?” That’s a fair question. The ins-and-outs of the tire industry probably isn’t on the average consumer’s mind, and why would it be? It’s not something you replace every few months like oil or even every few years. It’s something most cars get just twice a decade. That being said, knowing a bit more about your routines and driving habits help us answer that question for you.

First and foremost, what kind of vehicle do you drive and what are you driving it for? Is it a sedan that is yours daily? A van that hauls the kids and groceries? A sports car that you pull out on the weekends? A work truck? An off-roader? All of these kinds of driving styles require different tires. A big mud tire on a pickup that sees nothing but pavement doesn’t make sense, now does it?

Second is your desired longevity. Most tires have a mileage rating, designed to give you a general idea on how long they’ll last. Generally, the higher the mileage, the more tread the tire has, meaning a higher cost. Also, remember rubber doesn’t last forever, tires over 10 years old are generally considered unsafe. Are you going to get your money’s worth and drive enough in 10 years to accumulate enough miles?

Next week we’ll talk about brands, price points and other factors in tire buying.

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