The cats meow

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Are you owned by a feline or several? Cats can be the best purring lap warmers ever.  They can also have a hissy fit when confronted with strangers or strange cats. Hissing with open mouth and back arched is a feline fight ready to happen. Best thing to do is remove what ever provoked this response.

Cat’s purring usually means they are happy and content. Their motor running can also mean they are in pain. Many mother cats purr through delivering kittens.

Does your cat meow to you saying “feed me now”? Siamese are known to be great talkers.  Did you know cats only meow to humans never to each other? Mother cats have a special trilling call to summons their kittens.

Cats are silent, stalking hunters. That is why they can catch rodents and even birds.  People used to say put a bell on the cat so it can’t sneak up on prey. I wonder if that would really work on our tiny carnivores.

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Gwyn Mathis
Gwyn Mathis and her husband Terry moved to beautiful Stanly Co. 43 years ago to have a place
To breed and train their show dogs. Gwyn soon opened a grooming shop and boarding kennel.
She expanded to a new kennel building in the mid 1990's. Owners bring their dogs from as
far away as Raleigh to have them groomed and cared for at Tag'm Kennel.
The Mathises are members of Piedmont Kennel Club, The American Miniature Schnauzer
Club and are AKC Breeders of Merit. Can you guess how they got the name Tag'm ?