Spring babies

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It’s spring. It’s the time for new babies for all kinds of wild animals. If you see a baby animal that you feel is in the wrong place or an adult bird acting strangely, there are things we are advised to do, or more importantly, not do.

First, you should judge the situation. Is the baby in a dangerous place like the middle of the road or in a cat’s claws? If not, we are advised to leave it alone.

A baby bird that is on the ground, but can fly a little, should be left alone. A mother goose sitting on eggs should certainly be left alone, they can pinch hard. A faun lying in tall grass is not lost, but hidden. Mom will come back.

If your cat brings home a baby rabbit alive, rescue that one. Watch where your cat goes next. It will often go directly back to the nest for more bunnies. Lock your cat in the house and return poor baby rabbit to it’s fur lined nest.

While walking down a gravel road or in a fallow field, you see a bird on the ground acting like it has a broken wing and moving away from you, it probably is an adult Kill Dee. They nest on the ground and use the broken wing trick to distract you from their nest site.

Don’t go near a baby raccoon or opossum. They could be rabid.

Nature is beautiful and marvelous to observe. Wild things most often take care of themselves. We can look but our assistance is not needed.

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