Coexist with Coyotes

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If you live in NC, you have probably seen a coyote, or know someone who has. They are now established in all 100 counties and live in many big cities. You might see one crossing the road at night, or killed on the same road in the morning. We hear them howling in the valley a short distance from our house. It sounds like many voices, but it is usually a pack of 4 to 6.

What should you do if you see one in your back yard or on the greenway path? Seeing one is not cause for alarm. They are very shy of people and should slink into the woods quickly. You should back away, maybe wave your arms and yell. If you are really frightened you could throw a rock. I bet it will be gone before you can pick one up.

You may be inviting them into your back yard without knowing it. Keep all your garbage containers with tight lids. Don’t leave uneaten pet food outside. Keep your small pets in the house or on a leash at night. Coyotes will eat cats and small dogs.

If you see a Coyote frequently in the same place and are concerned, you can contact a Wild Life Damage Control Agent, not animal control. Call 919-707-0050 or go to NCWILDLIFE.ORG

Coyotes can be hunted year-round using firearms or archery equipment. Check to see if local ordinances restrict the discharge of firearms. A land owner can shoot a Coyote in the process of causing damage. I hope you never have to do that.

Any questions call 704-888-4637

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