Body language

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Bet your dog knows the meaning of several words, your cat many more than she will acknowledge. Our pets can also know our meaning by the tone of our voice or how loud we yell.

Did you know animals and their owners communicate with another language? Body language can be read loud and clear, even if it is subtle and brief. Humans give their pets unintentional messages by using a can opener, picking up car keys, or putting on running shoes.

Our show dogs are trained to move their feet or look a certain direction when I move my hand or shift my feet.

Dogs will tell us how they feel by the position of their ears or tail. Cat tail waving rapidly and stiffly means you had better back off. Dog tail wagging vigorously, get ready for a happy greeting.  Dogs ears held high and pointed forward means interest, see laid back ears, and you have frightened your friend.  Some cats will sit and stare at their owners when they are hungry. The same signal from your hound probably means a trip to the back yard.

Dogs talk to other K-9’s in several ways. They invite a chase by standing sideways and looking from their companion to a distant area. Puppies will use a movement called a “play bow” when interested in a romp.

Dogs and cats use their paws to retrieve food or beg for attention from their owners.

Want to see your dog look confused or curious ? Get down on their level, stick out your tongue and pant loudly. Can you sense what she thinks about that?

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Gwyn Mathis
Gwyn Mathis and her husband Terry moved to beautiful Stanly Co. 43 years ago to have a place
To breed and train their show dogs. Gwyn soon opened a grooming shop and boarding kennel.
She expanded to a new kennel building in the mid 1990's. Owners bring their dogs from as
far away as Raleigh to have them groomed and cared for at Tag'm Kennel.
The Mathises are members of Piedmont Kennel Club, The American Miniature Schnauzer
Club and are AKC Breeders of Merit. Can you guess how they got the name Tag'm ?