Surge Protection

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CHARLOTTE – Although lightning is the most obvious cause of power surges, most people are not aware that the most common cause of surges come right from within your home. Have you noticed lights flicker when the power-hungry devices, such as A/C units, turn on? That device demands a lot of electricity and creates a surge in your electrical system. While the flicker seems only annoying, it could be diminishing the life of other electronics in your home.

A sudden surge can take place that will cause immediate damage to several expensive electronics in your home. Homeowner’s insurance often covers some or all of these damages but deductibles are usually high. It’s been our experience that the cost of filing a claim comes down to a loss of time and depreciation.

There are many ways to protect your home from surges. During a lightning storm, unplug all expensive electronics since nothing else is full proof against a direct lightning hit. Panel protection and low voltage protection are highly recommended as these devices offer the best defense from external surge sources and keep internal surges from hitting every circuit. Battery backup surge protectors and receptacles with surge protection are a localized protection that can keep valuable electronics such as high-end TV’s and computers safe at the electrical source.

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