Smart Gifting For The Smart Home

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CHARLOTTE – Let’s first define what a “Smart Home” is and then we can get into what to gift to someone that would enjoy or need smart features! A smart home is a home equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer through the internet.

Smart home device advantages:

Allows people to control lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks, appliances, and other devices remotely using a smart device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop through an internet connection. Having control over your lighting and or camera while on vacation or anytime you are away from your home is great security.

  • Can be set up through hardwired or wireless systems.
  • Provides individuals and families with convenience and cost savings. For example, if you think you, the kids, or your parents forgot to turn off a light you can look at your phone and turn it off saving on your electric bill.
  • Getting your home fully automated can cost thousands of dollars, however, there are individual products costing under $100 that can get homeowners started.

Here are a few suggestions for smart gifts under $100

  • Smart Security Camera
  • Smart Lamp
  • Smart Light Switch
  • Smart Plug

If you have any questions about installing smart devices in your home or any electrical concerns call GB Electrical Services, (980) 500-2378.

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