Home Electrical Maintenance

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CHARLOTTE – We don’t regularly think about our electrical system until something goes wrong and need to call an electrician. However, there is regular maintenance you should be doing to keep your system safe for your family between visits from your electrician.

Monthly, test all of the GFCIs in your home. These are the outlets generally found in your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, unfinished areas, and exterior of your home. The GFCI outlet is shock prevention for circuits that are exposed to wet areas. To test if your outlets are working correctly first press the TEST button. Plug in a small device to be sure it does not work. Next press the RESET button. Plug in your device to be sure it is working again. If either of these situations are not correct, your GFCI will not keep you safe, call an electrician.

Biannually, test circuit breakers in your electrical panel. Consider doing this right before you set clocks back or forward during Daylight Saving. Flip the breakers all the way off one at a time and verify that each circuit has stopped working. The breaker then can be reset by flipping the breaker back to the on position. If your power stays on for any of the circuit tests call an electrician.

More info about testing your breakers and labeling your electric panel in our next article.

If you have questions about your electric panel or GFCI outlets or any electrical concerns give GB Electrical Services a call at (704) 500-2378 or visit GetTheBestElectric.com.

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