Holiday Decorations

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CHARLOTTE – The holiday season is here with the lights and decorations placed with care. As fun as these decorations are, they often use a lot of electricity. As such, electrical decorations increase the risk of accidents and home fires.

Make sure your home is protected against any potential electrical risks with these safety tips.

Protect Cords

Once you’ve confirmed that your extension cords are safe for use, don’t put them under rugs, next to heat sources, or into tiny spaces like doors and windows. If possible, keep the cords out of reach of small children or pets.

Don’t Overload Your Outlets

As fun as it can be to have the brightest decor, be mindful not to overload your outlets. Overloaded electrical outlets are the most common cause of fires during the holiday season. Make sure the total power per outlet doesn’t exceed 1,500 watts.

Three Feet

Keep anything that can catch fire easily at least three feet away from heat sources. Stockings look great above a fireplace but should be removed before using the fireplace.

Know When to Unplug

If you’re about to go to sleep or leave your home turn off or unplug all electrical decorations and extinguish all candles. Other than ensuring your home will be safe while you’re not around, this tip will help you save money on your electric bill.

If you have any questions or any electrical concerns call GB Electrical Services, (980) 500-2378.

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