Extension Cords

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CHARLOTTE – May in National Electrical Safety Month. Let’s talk about extension cords. Extension cords can be a big help in some instances where you just need a little reach or a few additional plugs. This “help” should always be temporary. Extension cords were never intended to be used continuously.

Stay safe. Inspect your cord for damage before use. Never use a damaged or hot extension cord.

Never chain together or plug extension cords into each other. Use a cord long enough for the job. Plug strip cords must be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Be sure that the cord is never covered as this can cause it to heat up and may cause a fire.

Do not alter an extension cord such as cutting off the third prong. Cords are made for safety and any alteration puts you in danger.

Only use outdoor rated extension cords outdoors. Plugging into a GFCI rated outlet when using outside is the only way to keep it protected.

Only use Extension cords that have been UL Listed, meaning they were independently tested for safety.

The cord you are plugging the device into should match the Wattage rating of the device itself. Don’t use a cord with a lower rating on it.

If you find that you are using many extension cords and for continuous use, you may need some upgrades to your Electrical System. Give us a call at GB Electrical Services, (980) 500-2378 to discuss some solutions. Visit our website at GetTheBestElectric.com.

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