Electrical Fire

How would you put this out?

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CHARLOTTE – An electrical fire can be defined as a fire involving some type of electrical failure or malfunction if equipment powered by electricity fails, a fire may occur. A few common ways electrical fires can start are from damaged electrical cords, using the wrong wattage bulb, old wiring or appliances, or an overloaded outlet or circuit.

If you experience an electrical fire:
1. Cut off the power supply
Unplug it if you can reach the cord safely.  If you can’t, then turn off the power to your home at the panel.
2. Use baking soda if the electrical fire is small
After unplugging the power source, throw baking soda over the flames.
3. Never use water to put out the fire
Using water on an electrical fire may cause electrocution, a natural conductor of electricity is water, which may enable the fire to spread throughout the area.
4. Reach out to an electrician
To diagnose why an electrical fire occurred and provide the best solution to solve your problem. An electrical inspection will let you know potential electrical fire hazards.

If you cannot extinguish the fire, you should immediately get out of the house, close the doors behind you and call 911.

If you have electrical questions or concerns call GB Electrical Services at (980) 500-2378 or visit our website for professional tips and information at www.GetTheBestElectric.com.

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