Don’t Let Things Get To Hot – Space Heater Safety

Be safe and warm this season.

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CHARLOTTE – Tis the season for many to bring out the Space Heater! These small portable heaters can be a great way to heat small areas of your home or office without having to turn on the whole house heating system. Don’t be fooled by the size, these heaters can draw a lot of power to create this localized heat. Never use more than one space heater per electrical circuit (not outlet) in your home. A circuit breaker may have more than 1 outlet connected to it, therefore having the heater plugged in along with other appliances on the same circuit could very likely trip the circuit or a fuse could blow if you overwork your circuit.

Electrical space heaters can be safe to use if you follow a few safety guidelines.

  • Be sure you keep a 3ft safety zone around the unit
  • Inspect the electrical cord and plug for damage before every use
  • Never run your cord under a carpet
  • Do not use an extension cord with your unit as most are not sized to handle the power consumption and could create dangerous heat conditions
  • Do not plug into an electrical outlet that lacks tension. If the plug is loose in the outlet, the outlet should be changed. A loose plug in an outlet can cause excessive heat due to arcing which can lead to a fire.

If you have any questions about space heater safety or any electrical concerns call GB Electrical Services, at (980) 500-2378.

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