Tune-ups, Warranties and Independent Auto Repair Shops

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CHARLOTTE – This is a reworked article from 2012. Check out our back catalog at www.autorepairminthill.com.

Today’s cars are some of the best made and most reliable in the history of the Auto Industry.  In the office we often get asked:  Are regular tune-ups still necessary?  In Auto Repair today the term ‘tune-up” is used interchangeably with routine maintenance.  Since the majority of folks still know the term “tune-up”  that term is still widely used.

So, what is routine maintenance or a “tune-up” and how often does my car need it? Routine maintenance is outlined in your owner’s manual by your car manufacturer.  They know what your particular make and model needs and what it doesn’t. Understanding and performing the manufacturers recommended services and maintenance is vital to ensuring your warranty remains intact.   Independent Auto Repair shops such as Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill have access to manufacturer databases and can obtain that information for you if you no longer have your owner’s manual.

However, it is not necessary to take your car back to the dealer where you purchased your car to keep the warranty valid, Right to Repair laws protect you in this regard. Having this work done by an Independent Auto Repair shop will not interfere with your manufacturers warranty in any way.  You can maintain your car, your manufacturers warranty and your freedom of choice as to who services your vehicle.

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