Tips and Tricks for Making Your State Inspection Process Easier

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State inspections, while a great tool to help keep the air clean, the roads safe and property taxes paid, is a bit of a headache for you and me. Getting one seems simple enough, but rules and regulations can seem confusing at times. Here are some things you should know to make inspections a bit easier.

  1. You can do them 90 days early.

One thing the state hasn’t particularly advertised well is that you don’t have to wait for the month you’re due to have an inspection done. You can have them done up to 90 days before the last day of the month you’re due. For example, a vehicle due in May is eligible for an inspection as early as March 2nd, 90 days prior to May 31. The earlier you knock it out, the less you have to worry about things like getting new stickers for your plates on time.

2. You can pay your property tax online immediately afterward.

Our state inspection computers are connected to the internet and intentionally designed to immediately communicate with the DMV that your inspection is completed. If you want to, you can pay your taxes online the same day. No more mailing it in and waiting!

3. Prices are set.

Inspections will either be $13.60 for safety only or $30 for safety and emissions, plus a $10 window tint fee if you have it. These prices are determined by the state and legally shops cannot charge more than that. If you know what you need, you already know the price!

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