Three Cost-Effective Things to Keep around Your Car

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One question we’re always asked at the office goes along the lines of “what can I keep in the car to make life a little easier?” Here are three relatively cost-effective things worth keeping in your car or garage.

  1. Terminal Cleaners & Battery Cleaner Spray

Batteries are very finicky pieces of equipment. Often times, if a battery isn’t showing any signs of life, it may just be because the terminals are just too dirty. Corrosion, at its core, is caused by hydrogen gasses being released from the sulfuric acid inside the battery, causing a reaction. Terminal cleaners are usually just wire brushes shaped in tube form, and battery cleaner spray neutralizes exposed acid as well as remove corrosion. A can of battery cleaner is about $4 and a terminal cleaner can be as cheap as $3.

2. First Aid Kit

Now, for those of you with a luxury car, you likely already have a first aid kit in your car that came from the factory. For everyone else, it’s a great investment. $20 or less gets you a nice, compact kit that will fix most minor bumps and bruises, which is great for road trips or just the occasional cut.

3. Tire Pressure Gauge

No more guessing why that TPMS light is on. A tire pressure gauge tells you how much air is in your tires, in PSI, so you can tell if the light is on because the tire is low, or if there’s something else going on. These are great, plus they can be under $1 if on sale.

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