Pumpkin Spice Season is upon us, is your car ready Part 1

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The final days of summer are finally upon us, and not far off in the distance is fall. As you begin to swap out your t-shirts for jackets and shorts for sweats and partake in everything pumpkin spice, consider that your vehicle may need some prep for the chilly weather too.

 Coolant Test or Flush – as the colder months roll in, it’s important to have clean, healthy coolant. Has it been checked by a professional to see if what you have is good enough or if you need a flush? During the winter, water alone usually is not a good substitute for coolant because it freezes at 32° F. We commonly dip below that on a cold January morning here in Mint Hill.

 Change your wiper blades – A fresh new set of wipers is a fairly cheap method to prepare for winter. Newer wipers can handle extremes better than aged ones. Some wiper companies make “winter wipers” – wiper blades that are designed to take extreme cold and be able to handle wiping solid objects like ice with minimal damage. While these are fine, you don’t have to have a specific seasonal wiper. If you choose to use traditional “all-season” wipers, just be sure to check them more often in the winter for things like tears and cracks.

 Change your washer fluid – Just like with wipers, you don’t have to have a special winter blend of fluid to survive a frosty morning. You should, however, make sure the fluid you choose has a freezing point lower than water. Many washer fluids, winter blend or not, have a freezing point well below water – usually around 0°F to -20° F. Though Carolina winters aren’t too cold, we frequently drop below 32° F during winter nights, so water is not an option as a substitute for washer fluid this time of year!

As usual, if you have any questions do not hesitate to call Ken at 704-545-4597 or stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill and have us take a look to make sure your car is ready for fall.

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