Lemonade please -Part 3

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Honda Motor Company

Honda was the second-best brand on the list, with only one lemon per approximately 3 Million cars. Luxury brand Acura, however, made one lemon per 516,436 cars.

Background Info: After nearly being purchased by Mitsubishi in the 1990’s due to a hostile takeover attempt, Honda quickly entered the SUV and Minivan market, stole American auto buyer’s hearts in the process, and haven’t looked back yet.

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota built their legacy on longevity, and based on this data, 2016 was no different. they did a whopping 10 times better than the industry average, making one lemon per 11 Million vehicles. 2nd place Honda was 8 million cars behind.

Background Info: Toyota is credited with having the most efficient assembly line of any industry and builds 61% of its fleet in the United States – That’s more than Buick, Chrysler and Lincoln.

Honorable Mentions:

Daimler AG, BMW.

Mercedes-Benz, and BMW took 3rd, and 4th respectively. Mercedes and BMW almost tie at approximately one lemon per 2 million cars. German engineering once again proves its consistency.

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