Is the work performed on my car covered under warranty if I go to a local shop Part 2

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Last week we covered some basic information about auto repair warranties. This week we will look at the process involved to ensure you get the most out of your warranty.

  1. You need proof of purchase

Like with many things, you’ll need to show a receipt to prove you had the initial work done. Always keep receipts from repairs in the glove box when you’re traveling away from home. If you have the number of the shop that performed the work they may be able to provide that information but only during normal business hours.

  1. You should go “in-network”

Much like with doctors or car dealerships, if you go outside the certified warranty providers, you’ll probably have to pay if you do not contact the warranty provider first and follow their instructions. Always call the 1-800 number given to you when you break down away from home to make sure you go to a shop that can provide you the proper warranty work. The number can usually be found at the bottom of your receipt. If you weren’t given a 1-800 number, call your local shop back home and have them give it to you or check their website. If you go outside of network, you may have to pay for work and there is no guarantee you’ll be covered. Don’t take that chance!

This also goes with any car rental you may need – don’t assume any rental car company of your choice will be covered. You may have to go through a specific company like Hertz or Enterprise. Be sure to ask the service provider to see who is covered.

  1. Check to See How Long Your Warranties Last.

Some Warranties last 12 months/12,000 miles, some last 10 Years/100,000 miles, depending on what is being provided. Be sure to check and see how long yours lasts.

  1. Remember an Independent Shop’s Warranty Won’t Void a Dealer’s.

In the United States it is the law that car manufacturers honor warranties they offer. It is also law that they honor those warranties regardless of where you have had your maintenance or repair work performed. So, whether you are dealing with a new car warranty or an aftermarket repair, make sure you understand your warranty information.

If you have any questions about car repair warranties please contact Ken Manchester and Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill at 704-545-4597.

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