How do brakes work and when do they need to be replaced Part 1

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Having to apply brakes sooner or harder than usual is the most common sign it’s time for a brake job.  Has this ever happened to you? If it has, it is time to bring your vehicle in into Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill for a brake inspection. Of all maintenance the automotive industry considers “preventative maintenance,” brakes are the most important.

 There are two kinds of brakes used in the modern automobile, “disk” and “drum” brakes. While disk brakes are more common in cars built since the 2000’s, it isn’t uncommon to see vehicles that still have all drums or a mix of drum and disk.

 The disk brake consists of two key parts: The brake pad, and the brake rotor.  The rotor is the actual “disk” part of the brake – it mounts right behind the wheel. The other aspect, the pad, acts as a grabber. It applies itself to the rotor to slow down the vehicle with the help of a caliper. While these brakes have been engineered to last quite a while, they do eventually wear down from constant grinding that occurs when you apply the brakes.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your brakes don’t hesitate to bring them into Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill  or call 704-545-4597 and have Ken take a look at them.

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