Has your car lost that pep when you step on the gas Part 2

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Last week we discussed how to improve the performance of your car by addressing the fuel.  This week we will look at some basic maintenance services that can improve performance.

1. Throttle Body Service

 A Throttle Body Service is a cleaning of a device called the Throttle Body – the device that you’re controlling when you press the gas pedal. The throttle body can get filled with carbon buildup and over time can result in loss of power and in severe cases, stalling. A cleaning of this device, especially if it has never been done before on a high mileage car, can be a huge help.

2. Spark Plugs

 Spark Plugs are what ignite the air/fuel mixture in order to power the motor. When spark plugs get old, they have telltale signs of underperformance including extra fuel consumption, poor idling, and lack of power. A fresh set of plugs can make a world of difference.

 3. Air Filter

 As we discussed under Spark Plugs, the engine needs a mixture of both fuel and air to run. If the air the engine gets is not filtered properly, performance issues occur. A cleaning or replacing of an air filter is easy, relatively cheap, and very beneficial.

4. Consistent Oil Changes

 This is the most important maintenance service you can perform and relatively inexpensive.  No matter what oil you use, a consistent replacement schedule is important. The older oil is, the dirtier it gets, and dirty oil is underperforming oil. Check what your owner’s manual recommends and follow it religiously.

 We hope this list is of some help! If you feel like your car may need a look over, feel free to call Ken at Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill, LLC at 704-545-4597, email us at kenmanchester1@gmail.com, or send us a message on Facebook at facebook.com/ManchesterAutoAndTireOfMintHill.

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