Has your car lost that pep when you step on the gas Part 1

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Cars, much like people, tend to slow down as they get older. The more miles, parts and systems accumulate, the more they underperform. While sometimes this loss of power is minimal, horsepower loss can be very noticeable when tune-ups and factory recommended maintenance haven’t been done. The one thing cars can do that people can’t, however, is get some of their energy back with a little TLC. Listed below are a few things your shop may recommend if your car needs some pep in its step. As with any list, remember this is not all inclusive and depending on your vehicle’s age and maintenance history, you may need more than what we’ve listed here, or none of it at all. Check with a professional technician before spending your hard-earned money and to help extend the life of your car!

Fuel Cleaner

While Fuel Additives can sometimes be a scam, many fuel cleaners are actually worth it. Fuel additives that clean, such as products from Lucas Oil, help remove deposits from the fuel tank resulting in a better flow of gasoline to the engine. Generally, a fuel tank cleaning or replacement does this job better than an additive, but additives are considerably cheaper and still do an acceptable job.

Next week we will focus on additional maintenance services to improve the performance of your car. If you have any questions please call Ken at 704-545-4597 or stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill and have us take a look.

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