Beware of Florence’s flooded cars Part 1

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Hurricane Florence was one of the worst storms to hit the Carolinas in years. The coastal region experienced large amounts of flooding, and as a result many cars were terminally damaged in the process. Unfortunately, flood cars are the automobile version of Frankenstein’s Monster — they commonly are refurbished and put back out on the street, despite being unsafe and needing to be in a car graveyard. If you plan on being in the used car market in the upcoming weeks, be aware of the potential of buying a flooded car and know the signs and symptoms to look for.

  1. Salvage Titles

Salvage Titles are a great way to find flood vehicles, but it is flawed system. Any car effected by a flood is considered a total loss, and any that go back out on the road wind up with a salvage title… that is, if it was reported in the first place. While many auto owners will do what is right and report to their insurance companies, many will attempt to hide any damage on the vehicle and resell it as if the vehicle was never involved. Remember, a clean title does not necessarily mean a clean car.

  1. Your Senses are Your Friends

While some may go above and beyond to hide flood damage, shoddy jobs are easy to detect with your eyes and nose. Does the car smell moldy? Does the car smell like an air-freshener-bomb went off inside, like they’re trying to hide a smell? Does the carpet have stains that don’t look like a drink spill? Are there stains on the roof? Have the rugs been recently replaced? Do electronics work? If the answer to questions like these are “Yes” you should probably run.

We will continue with more things to look for in next week’s article but if you have any questions do not hesitate to stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill or call Ken at 704-545-4597 with questions.

Check back next week for Part 2.

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