Tax Deductions For A Business Owner & Contractor

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CHARLOTTE – Hey Tax Payer. Recently, I gave a class to a group of Business Owners about what could be claimed as an expense on their taxes

So, Let’s Get To It…

There are a variety of expenses a business owner and a contractor would be very interested in writing off using the Schedule C tax form. Here is a small list of items:

Advertisement, Business Miles, Contractor Labor, Depreciation of equipment or company vehicles, Legal & Professional Services, Office Expenses, Rental Offices, Supplies Permits & Licenses, Business Travel, Meal & Entertainment, Office Utilities, Wages & Salaries and other business expenses.

The other business expenses can range from Home Business usage, Car registrations, Car insurance, Bank Fees, Security Exp, Donations/Charities, Gifts, Health & Beauty and Health & Fitness.

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*Source: 14 Years of Experience

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