Mint Hill, NC Congresswoman Alma Adams

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MINT HILL, NC – Hey Tax Payer. Trying to reach the IRS to answer simple questions have become a very big problem. So, I called our Congresswoman.

So, Let’s Get To It…

Over the past few years, my clients have called me to complain they have spent hours on the phone waiting to speak to an IRS agent to respond to a Notice. Only to have the line disconnect or they get a recording telling them to call back tomorrow!! Some calls to me were friendly while some weren’t very nice. Either way, I had become the punching bag for the IRS. I HAD ENOUGH! I called our Congresswoman Alma Adams office to express my disdain for the IRS and the colorful language I had received since 2020 when the Government shutdown.

A warm soft voice greeted me on the phone to express empathy towards my complaint from my clients regarding the IRS. I also expressed how much time, four months, I personally had spent trying to reach the IRS regarding an issue one of my corporate clients had. The soft voice took my information, assured me the information will be passed on to the Congresswoman, and we ended the call.

The point is the Congresswoman has a “better chance of getting something done in Washington” with the IRS instead of your local accountant. But keep trying to reach the IRS until someone picks up that phone, then don’t hang up. Of course, Mays Concepts LLC will be there with you every step of the way until the problem is resolved.

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