FEMA Grant Relief

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CHARLOTTE – Hey Tax Payer.  FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency wants to help you with COVID related deaths in your family, but you need to apply for assistance.

So, Let’s Get To It…

As of December 6th, according to FEMA, 226,000 families have applied for their fair share of assistance. The total is reaching $1.5 Billion dollars of COVID relief funds for reimbursement of high funeral costs caused by the pandemic to the American public.

The plan covers up to $9,000 for funeral expenses! With the world looking for PPP funds, SBA funds. Fair wage-paying jobs and or continued unemployment this assistance could go a very long way. Especially since the start of the pandemic has hurt so many lives financially over the past two years and counting. The US death toll caused by COVID has now exceeded 800,000 of our fellow Americans. The assistance, in my opinion, will be greatly appreciated by a number of people. The link to the FEMA application will be listed below. Please take full advantage of the opportunities being provided by our US Government.

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*Source:  https://www.npr.org/2021/12/26/1068103241/fema-wants-to-give-families-up-to-9-000-for-covid-funerals-but-many-dont-apply?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab

FEMA Application: https://www.fema.gov/disaster/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance

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