4 Reasons to work with an exclusive seniors real estate specialist

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “all real estate is local.”  It’s a truism that refers to the unique qualities of neighborhoods and properties – and the importance of working  with a real estate professional who intimately understands the market.

The same claim can be made for real estate CLIENTS.  Everyone who buys or sells property has unique needs.  This is especially true for the later-in-life real estate transactions, which may include distinct challenges (floor plans that accommodate aging in place, estate planning considerations, special financing requirements, etc.).

If you’re a buyer or seller over the age of 50 – or is assisting someone who is – there are several reasons to choose a real estate specialist who focuses exclusively seniors:

1.  They made the choice An agent who has earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, and only works with seniors made this choice because they enjoy working with mature adults and helping people “of a certain age” navigate life’s transactions.  Many of them have either made similar transitions themselves, or have helped parents and relatives.  There’s a reason they chose this focus for their business, and it’s all about helping people.

2.  They’ll offer options Newly retired?  Empty nester? Widow/Widower?  Any of these transitions can precipitate a huge change in lifestyle, with many adjustments and decisions – only one is where to live.  A senior specialist will listen to your concerns and share potential solutions and resources to help make your decisions.  By focusing only on seniors, they already understand which properties come closest to meeting your needs – and where to find many other valuable resources.

3.  They are empathetic An exclusive senior specialist understands that major life changes are never easy, but they don’t shy away from the difficult topics or the difficult emotions that often accompany these decisions.  They know your priorities change when your life changes.  They’ll help you find solutions to make a smoother transition.

4.  They are engaged.These agents don’t just talk about senior issues, they get involved, whether it’s volunteering or developing relations with senior-centric agencies and individuals.  They’re able to help seniors throughout their community – not just their clients.  (An they’ll remain a resource long after your business relationship is over.)  Helping people is their passion!

You can count on an SRES to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home, making the transaction less stressful and more successful.

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