Don’t Wait, Set A Date!

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CHARLOTTE – Because of COVID, we’re all living different lives now, much removed from each other except through the internet. One fantastic thing that has happened, more people than ever are adopting dogs and new puppies into their homes! Dogs are our best friends, right? So let’s treat them like the wonderful addition to our home that they are.

Don’t wait to train, set an appointment set for 1-2 weeks after your pup/dog comes home! So many behavior issues can be avoided by starting training early in your puppy’s life. Did you know that puppies have a “critical socialization period”? It begins around 3 weeks of age and lasts to about 14 weeks old. This is a time when your puppy’s brain is on overdrive, learning, and making many of the neurological connections that he/she will keep the rest of their lives. Having a certified trainer to help you and your puppy get started on the right path will save you loads of time in the future. Even with just a consultation, we can help you learn about house training, socialization, nipping, and jumping early, rather than trying to retrain bad habits later in your pup’s life.

Think training is just for puppies? Consider training for your recently adopted older dog too. It’s a big adjustment for pups to live in a new home. So many changes and they’re different for each dog. Set up your dog and family for a lifetime of happiness together!

Look for 12/31 column: The #1 cue your dog should know!

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