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Common names for companion animals come and go in popularity just as names for babies do .  According to a Pet Insurance survey in 2015, the most common names for a male dog was Bailey followed by Max, Charley, Buddy and Rocky. Topping the list for females were Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy and Maggy.

Cat names seem to be more descriptive, starting with Max for a male followed by Oliver, Charlie, Tiger, and Smokie.  Female felines were christened Kitty, Baby, Princess, Bella or Angel.  Some people are more witty. I saw a Great Dane named Tiny and a Chihuahua called Hercules.  Call them anything you want just call them with love.

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Gwyn Mathis
Gwyn Mathis and her husband Terry moved to beautiful Stanly Co. 43 years ago to have a place
To breed and train their show dogs. Gwyn soon opened a grooming shop and boarding kennel.
She expanded to a new kennel building in the mid 1990's. Owners bring their dogs from as
far away as Raleigh to have them groomed and cared for at Tag'm Kennel.
The Mathises are members of Piedmont Kennel Club, The American Miniature Schnauzer
Club and are AKC Breeders of Merit. Can you guess how they got the name Tag'm ?