The Blood Test Your Doctor Should Run, But Rarely Does

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Cardiovascular disease still ranks #1 with regards to deaths in the United States. Heart disease claims over 610,000 lives a year in the United States and stroke kills over 130,000 people. Also, over 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. Recent studies suggest that one specific factor – elevated blood levels of homocysteine – may be behind this trio of devastating conditions.

Research has revealed that elevated homocysteine levels can disrupt delicate arterial linings, increase inflammation and oxidative stress (damage to DNA), decrease blood flow to the heart and brain and set the stage for atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and dementia.

In fact, recent studies show that high homocysteine levels are a major factor in triggering heart attacks. Researchers report that blood levels of homocysteine can accurately predict your risk of cardiovascular disease. So why then are doctors’ not ordering this one specific blood test? It can’t be because of the whopping $28.01 cost (at least I should hope not). Perhaps your doctor still believes that cholesterol is the best predictor of cardiovascular disease.

Whatever the reason for not ordering the test, let’s take a closer look at how you can lower your homocysteine levels, thereby helping to lower your risk of coronary events, stroke and dementia.

Raise your vitamin B-12 status – In addition to helping to make new cells, fighting free radicals, regulating nervous and digestive function, providing energy, fighting infection, producing hormones and maintaining DNA – B complex vitamins like folate and vitamin B-12 are vital to the bodies natural ability to lower homocysteine.
Foods that are high in B complex vitamins are leafy greens, nuts, beans and legumes, whole grains, lean proteins and eggs.

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