Why Does Your Fur Baby Need Insurance?

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CHARLOTTE – Getting insurance or not getting insurance is a big question for many pet parents. While our pet parents that visit us treat their pets like family, they still sometimes hesitate to get insurance like they would for themselves or their human children. So, why should pet parents consider getting insurance for their fur babies? 

1) It allows you to pick the medical option for your fur baby based on what they need and not have to sacrifice the best option for the least expensive one. The majority of pet insurance policies will reimburse up to 80% of the costs after the deductible is reached. This can literally be a lifesaver if your fur baby ends up needing an expensive treatment that you could not afford without insurance.

2) We know being an amazing pet parent can be expensive but we also know it is so worth it. Getting pet insurance can make it easy to budget for pet care costs. There are a variety of payment options like monthly or quarterly so you can pick the payment plan that works best for your needs.

3) When a medical emergency strikes for your pet, it can be very expensive, and having pet insurance can eliminate the need to use allotted savings or emergency funds. It gives you peace of mind that if something unexpected happens, you will be able to afford what your fur baby needs without sacrificing funds that you also need for other financial obligations.

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